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State of Washington Auto Insurance Tips

Washington Car Insurance

The State of Washington is strict in the implementation of its rules regarding car insurance. Anyone driving should have at lease one of the following forms of security in order to be free from being punished by law. You choices include purchase of a Washington car insurance, a liability bond, a certificate of deposit, or a self-insurance. If these are not met then the individual should be ready to pay a minimum penalty fee of $450 and possible suspension of registration.

The State of Washington requires that the car insurance policy contain a minimum of $25,000 for the bodily injury of a single individual per accident, $50,000 for death or injury of any two people in a single accident, and a $10,000 for the damage to property you may cause an individual. Once you have purchased this, the Washington car insurance should provide you with an identification card listing the name of the insurance company, the effective date and expiration date of the Washington car insurance policy, the policy number, and the vehicle or vehicles covered by it. This has to be brought whenever driving in case it may be requested by a traffic enforcer.

Even with a car insurance policy, those who drive in the streets of Washington are advised to drive responsibly. The mandate for car insurance is only a form of security for possible harm you may bring to another or another may bring to you; however, being cautious while driving on the street is still your best defense against possible harm in the future.


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