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Tennessee Car Insurance Basics

Tennessee Car Insurance 101

It is not a necessity for the State of Tennessee for drivers to have car insurance before they can register their vehicle. Nevertheless, it is required for drivers to carry car insurance for them to operate motor vehicles in the roads, highways, and streets of Tennessee.

At a minimum, drivers are expected to have minimum car insurance liability coverage of $15,000 for the property damage and $25,000/$50,000 for the bodily injury. However, those who wish to increase this coverage are given liberty to do so. The State of Tennessee adheres to the Tort System; therefore, many prefer paying a higher car insurance premium to save them from future financial obligation due to road accidents. Consider it a wise gamble to take, since you really cannot tell when accidents will happen.

After securing this requirement, make sure you always carry it with you because failure to do so will earn you a Class C misdemeanor together with a $100 fine, plus a license suspension. This should not be a tough one to handle. All you will need is a piece of paper providing proof of your financial responsibility and a place inside your vehicle to guarantee it will never be left behind in all of your travel.

It is important that drivers are knowledgeable of traffic rules and regulations. They should be cautious of the most common reasons of road accidents like engine brake failure and texting while driving. Refrain from committing these same mistakes and be responsible driver on the roads and streets of Tennessee.


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