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South Carolina Car Insurance Basics

The South Carolina car insurance gives the assurance that anyone who meets an accident on the road will be financially assisted. This is the most that the government can do to protect its citizen from irresponsible drivers on the road. Therefore, what is the minimum requirement required by the State of South Carolina?

The State of South Carolina requires a bodily injury of $25,000 and $50,000 just like most states in the US; and a property damage of $25,000 for any single accident. This must be contained in your policy if you do not want authorities ordering you to pay a fine or even suspending your license.

Once you have purchased your SC car insurance policy, car insurance providers will give you a Proof of Insurance card, which lists the covered automobile and the driver. It also contains the policy number and the precious expiration date that shows if it is still in full effect. Always carry this in your pocket and it will serve as acceptable evidence that you adhered to the state requirement.

Those who are thinking of disregarding this state regulation may better think twice. Any driver who fails to submit verification of insurance will be suspended of the registration and plate vehicle. Moreover, he will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $400.00 to a maximum. Unless you are someone who can easily disregard this amount, then you would not be too happy to pay a fine this big just because you ignored this important ordinance.

Go and find the perfect car insurance provider in South Carolina that can give you wonderful deals. Be a responsible citizen and stay protected from road accidents.


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