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Punta Gorda, Florida Car Insurance Minimum Requirement

Proof of car insurance is one of the primary requirements for any individual driving in the State of Florida. It is considered one of the strictest states in the US in terms of upholding this particular regulation and the punishment for violators can be very stiff. The best thing one can do is to adhere to these State rules; nevertheless, it only requires very minimal set of coverage for its car insurance policy.

Car insurance in Florida only requires a $10,000 for property damage liability and $10,000 minimum requirement for personal injury property. It is important to note that all Florida drivers must carry proof of car insurance policy with them wherever they may go, even if they are traveling in a different state because this car insurance policy is proof in all other states. Moreover, driving without this document handy may result to fines and suspension.

The minimum requirement for car insurance policies applies not only to official residents of Florida, but for those who will reside in the State for more than ninety days during a period of 365 days, either consecutive or not. The premium rate may vary, but it is best to shop around before finally deciding which type of car insurance coverage you wish to purchase.

The choice of purchasing bodily injury coverage, comprehensive coverage, or collision coverage rests on the individual’s preference of Florida car insurance. This is not mandated by law but may be necessary as part of a lien required by a holder, like car rental companies.

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