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Common Questions About North Dakota Car Insurance

Before purchasing North Dakota car insurance for your needs, it is best to learn its basics.

The Policy

The policy is the car insurance contract. It is divided into three parts namely the Declaration Page, the Text of the Contract, and the Endorsement Section. It is important that you carefully read these pages to learn the specifics of the offered car insurance services.

The Purpose

North Dakota Car Insurance is necessary so you will be financially protected against car accident risks. You may not understand the full benefit it will bring, but once you encounter a road accident then you will be extremely grateful you decided to follow the state rules for car insurance requirements.

The Minimum Limit

The State of North Dakota requires a 25/25/25 car insurance premium plus underinsured motorist coverage and basic no fault of $30,000 per person. This has to be complied by the motorist otherwise; he will need to pay a mandatory fine of $150 and 14 points against his driver’s license that will result to a suspension.

Cancellation of Policy

A North Dakota Car Insurance policy may be cancelled even after it has been enforced for 60 days if the owner fails to pay the premium for minimum number of months or if the registration of the owner becomes rescinded, suspended, or revoked. Moreover, fraudulent information contained in the application revealed after an investigation may also give it the license to cancel the contract signed by the owner.

Do not hesitate to inquire more about the car insurance terms that remains unfamiliar to you. Ask this through your car insurance agent and choose the perfect North Dakota car insurance policy for your family.


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