Minnesota Car Insurance Basics

Basics of Minnesota Car Insurance

Minnesota Car Insurance is regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. It specifies the minimum requirement every driver should purchase to avoid being reprimanded by the law. This includes a personal injury protection (PIP) of $40,000 per person in a single accident. This amount is properly allocated to $20,000 hospital and medical expenses and the other $20,000 for non-medical expenses including lost wages and replacement services.

Liability car insurance is also included in the minimum requirement of the State. Minnesota car insurance requires the amount of $10,000 for physical damage to another driver, $60,000 for injuries involving two or more people, and $30,000 for injuries to one person. Aside from this, you are also required to purchase an uninsured car insurance policy of $25,000 for injuries to one person and $50,000 for injuries to two or more individuals; and underinsured car insurance policy for the same amount. These measures are added by the State to guarantee no one will be left unsupported during an accident. It covers even the irresponsibility of drivers who fail to get their own Minnesota car insurance policy.

After deliberating on this coverage, you should also be cautious of the different factors that may cause your premium to rise or decrease. This includes the age and the gender of the driver. Teenagers and seniors are seen with higher risks of meeting accidents, so try inquiring if you can become one of the dependent of your parents to save on this expense. It also includes the type of vehicle, the mileage, the driving record, and your address of record. This information may seem irrelevant but there are many elements included in these that car insurance in Minnesota considers.

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