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Mandatory Car Insurance Requirement in Illinois

The mandatory car insurance requirement for resident drivers in the State of Illinois includes bodily injury coverage of $20,000, which will be used to cover the death or injury of a single person in a single accident and $40,000, which will be used to cover the death or more than one person in single accident. Moreover, $15,000 property damage is also necessary, which will help pay the damages incurred on the vehicle of the other party. This has to be secured by the driver; otherwise, he will receive due penalties and sanctions by the law.

Although this may be the minimum requirement for car insurance in Illinois, many drivers are still considering purchasing additional coverage with higher limits as part of their personal protection. It must be clear to drivers that the above-mentioned requirement is only to secure the needs of the other party who will suffer damage an injury but not the individual who is responsible for the accident. Therefore, many are still interested in shopping for personal injury protection car insurance, comprehensive car insurance, and underinsured motorist car insurance. They do so because they feel safer driving down the road knowing they do have all of these protections.

Taking a look at car insurance quotes will be very helpful for those who are shopping for cheaper car insurance rates in Illinois. It will be to your advantage because you can select from a variety of options offered by different companies. However, be sure to choose the company that will do offer assistance when you need it the most and not someone who will wait for ages before it comes to the rescue.

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